SOUL Fusers

How to

How to Start the SOUL Fusers

1. Sign up for PlayMining

Before starting the “SOUL Fusers”, you need to sign up for “PlayMining”.
First, access “PlayMining” and click on “Log in & Sign up" from the menu in the upper right corner. Second, follow the guidance on the screen and enter your e-mail address, etc.
If you successfully enter your email address, “PlayMining” will send you an e-mail.
Check the mailer you are using and enter one-time password and your designated password.

If the above procedure succeeds, then the display would be changed, and you will be logged via registered e-mail address.
Your PlayMining ID registration is complete now.

2. Sign up for SOUL Fusers

After registering your PlayMining ID, please go to the “SOUL Fusers” homepage and click on the [Game Start]. You will be directed to the game screen, click on "Login".
Upon transitioning to the PlayMining NFT screen and completing authentication, the screen will switch again.
From the game screen, click 'Start Game.' Now, please enjoy the world of "SOUL Fusers"!

Please note that only SOUL NFT holders and those who have been granted invitation slots can log in to the game at this time.
For more information, please check here.

How to buy DEAPcoin

Crypto currency "DEAPcoin" and credit cards can be used for in-game purchases and NFT purchases on PlayMining NFT.

*Crypto currency, including DEAPcoin, are not "legal tender", meaning that their value is guaranteed by the government, such as Japanese yen or U.S. dollars. They are electronic data exchanged over the Internet.
*Crypto currency is subject to price fluctuations.
*Please be sure to fully understand the transaction details and risks (price fluctuation risk, cyber security risk, etc.) when trading crypto currency.

1. Creating the PlayMining ID and Wallet

Log in to the PlayMining and make a Wallet from the TOP page.
Please refer to the following page for the detailed procedure:

2. Deposit DEAPcoin to Wallet

There are two main ways to deposit DEAPcoin into Wallet.
One is to earn it in-game and the other is to purchase it at crypto currency exchanges and other places that deal in DEAPcoin.

Please refer to the following for the crypto currency exchanges currently handling DEAPcoin.

To transfer DEAPcoin from your crypto currency exchange account to PlayMining Wallet, you need to raise your PlayMiner Rank to “Connoisseur". For this, you need to apply it in advance.

How to apply for “Connoisseur”
① Jump to “Profile" page from the person icon in the upper right corner of the top page of “PlayMining NFT". ② Click on “Apply” at Profile page.
*The PlayMiner Rank is automatically designated as “Auctioneer" at the time of completion of Wallet making, and you can become a “Connoisseur" by filing this application. ③ Follow the screen instructions and enter the required information, then upload your identification (such as passport, driver's license, etc.).

④ Connoisseur registration is completed after you pass the approval process.
*It will take up to 2 days for screening.

After registering as a Connoisseur, you will be able to make a deposit.
Please check here for instructions on how to make a deposit.

How to Purchase NFT

There are two main ways to purchase NFTs.
One is to SOULFuse (NFT-ize) a SOUL in-game, and the other is to purchase it on the PlayMining NFT.

Even if the NFTs are of the same SOUL species in SOUL Fusers, each NFT has different parameters and growth trends.

A. SOULfuse (NFT-ize) in the game

By "SOULFusing" SOULs within the game, you can own the corresponding SOUL NFT.

① Select the SOUL you want to SOULFuse from the SOUL list

② Click the SOULFuse button on the top right

SOULs (NFTs) that have been SOULFused will have their parameters increased, allowing them to participate in quests that can only be accessed with NFTs such as NFT Quests, and enabling trading with other users on PlayMining NFT.

B. Purchase NFT on PlayMining NFT

You can use DEAPcoin held in your Wallet to purchase NFTs.
You can purchase NFTs either in the "OFFICIAL STORE" sold by the management or "USERS" sold by other users on the PlayMining NFT.

① Click "Market" from the PlayMining NFT homepage

② Check "SOUL Fusers" in the left menu to narrow down the NFTs and click on the one you want to purchase

③ Purchase the NFT in an auction format or at a fixed price
*The information of the purchased NFT will be reflected when you re-login to the "SOUL Fusers" game.