SOUL Fusers



Important Announcement Regarding SOUL Fusers

To everyone who supports SOUL Fusers,

First and foremost, our sincerest apologies for any concerns our extended maintenance might have raised. It’s crucial for us to share with you the forthcoming direction of SOUL Fusers.

Taking into account several significant factors listed below, we have decided to pause the development and operation of SOUL Fusers for an indefinite period:

The global dynamics and market conditions revolving around GameFi and NFTs have proven more challenging than initially expected. Under the current scenario, moving forward with our official launch might not achieve our desired business outcomes.

After reviewing our trial version and after in-depth internal deliberations, we acknowledge that maintaining the game in its current state will pose sustainable operational challenges.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause to our enthusiasts, co-creators, and investors who believed in SOUL Fusers and supported us through NFT acquisitions and other contributions. Please be assured of our dedication to revisiting and successfully reintroducing SOUL Fusers in a more favorable climate. We will make informed decisions on the specifics of this relaunch based on market evolution.

Furthermore, we have devised the following interim measures for those who have acquired SOUL Fusers NFTs or participated in the trial version:

● Interim Measures during the Indefinite Suspension of SOUL Fusers:
For those who express interest, we commit to refunding the value of your NFTs and any in-game purchases. Detailed information on the procedure, timeframe, and methods will be communicated in due course. It’s noteworthy that refunds are projected to be executed via DEAPcoin.

Important: To facilitate the refund process, trading of SOUL Fusers NFTs on PlayMining NFT will be temporarily suspended. Listings of SOUL Fusers NFTs currently active on PlayMining NFT will be accordingly delisted. We intend to restore trading capabilities once our refund endeavors are concluded.

<Concerning SOUL Fusers NFTs>
Upon the eventual resumption of SOUL Fusers, your existing NFTs will retain their validity and utility. We’re also progressing with plans to make them compatible with other PlayMining games during this pause.

With kindest regards

DEA CEO Yoshida Naoto, Co-CEO Yamada Kozo