SOUL Fusers

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What are the SOULs?
"SOUL" refers to the monsters that originally inhabit the SOUL realm. Each SOUL has a core as its physical entity. While SOUL of the same species may have similar appearances, their cores are unique to each individual. Throughout history, there have been instances of some spirits appearing in the human realm.

What is the Core?
The essence of a SOUL. If the core disappears, the SOUL itself will also disappear. Even within the same species, each has a different core, and in that sense it can be said to be similar to human DNA.

Cores have various powers, many of which are shrouded in mystery, but during battles between SOULs, it has been confirmed that a phenomenon called "resonance" can be achieved by connecting the opponent's core with one's own core.

What is the Evolution?
When the core strength reaches a certain level or certain conditions are met, evolution can occur. When evolving, the appearance changes and it generally becomes stronger and can handle more powerful skills.

While some SOULs can evolve up to three stages, there are also those that do not have an evolved form. It has been suggested that there is the potential for evolution in each SOUL, even those that have not yet been discovered.


The basic of battles is a 3 vs 3 team fight! Defeat enemies by utilizing various skills. The key to strategy lies in the combination of trained SOULs and the timing of command activation! By using 'Resonance,' which allows you to sacrifice your own HP to reduce the opponent's SP, you can aim for a comeback victory!

Acquire SOULs through the in-game 'summon' feature and bring them into battles! SOULs can become stronger by undergoing 'SOUL Fusion' (NFTization), and they can also participate in special quests! Assemble your favorite SOULs into your party!

In the PvE mode 'Quest,' you can obtain items necessary for enhancing SOULs and participate in special quests where you can earn DEAPcoin! In the PvP mode 'Arena,' you can engage in synchronous battles with users from around the world! Aim for the top rankings with your trained SOULs and earn rewards such as DEAPcoin!

By repeating battles and
consuming items, you can further strengthen your SOULs!
Even SOULs of the same kind can have different stats depending on how they are trained! With skill acquisition items, you can even change their skills! Furthermore, SOULs can evolve into the next form once they surpass a certain level! The outcome of training SOULs depends on your skills as a Soul Fuser!

Of course, SOULs that have undergone SOUL Fusion (NFTization) can be bought and sold on PlayMining NFT! If you really want to have a certain SOUL as your companion, check the market! You might find a SOUL that perfectly fits your party!



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